For a tooth that is infected, damaged, or decayed, root canal therapy may be the best form of treatment. Root canals are used to save your natural tooth by removing the pulp, nerves, and any bacteria. The space left behind is filled with medicated dental materials that restore the function of the tooth.



The Alternative to Extraction:

  • Root canal therapy is highly successful. Many patients believe that the only option for a severely decayed tooth is to remove it.
  • The indications for tooth root canal treatment include: sensitivity to hot and cold, severe tooth pain, swelling or tenderness, an abscess on the gums, or there may be no symptoms present.
  • Reasons for root canal may also include injury or trauma, the decay that has reached the pulp, and infection within the tooth.





When is Root Canal Therapy Required?

Root canal treatment is required when decay has reached through the tooth enamel and the bone. By that stage, the tooth usually has become diseased and the root of the tooth starts to become injured. The injured root is what causes the severe pain and toothache. In such cases work is required to treat the disease, clean and tidy the decay and prevent further problems.